Tuesday, April 06, 2010

the lawn guyland rockaroll aesthetic #7

i need to put this thing to rest, but first, i'd be remiss without including something from the good rats, who've been a band for over 40 years now, the only constant member being frontman peppy marchello. like fidel castro, peppy was once scouted by a major league baseball team (in fidel's case, the washington senators; in peppy's, the yankees -- who else?). his trademark stage prop was an aluminum ball bat, and he used to have an aluminum trash can full of plastic rats that he'd throw to the crowd at the end of a show. his guitar-slinging brother mickey used to wear a kaftan back in the '70s. these days, peppy plays with his grandsons, and they have _lots_ of the very worst band vids you can see on youtube, shot in sports bars, at motorcycle shop openings, on people's lawns under tents, etc. no matter. like the energizer bunny, he just won't quit, and god bless him for it.


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