Friday, April 23, 2010

4.23.2010, ftw

back on track with conversations with my father after realizing that trying to write with facebook and gmail chat open is like sparky trying to write in a field full of squirrels. hence, no intarweb while writing the next two days. i'm up to 8000 words, i feel like i've had my ass kicked, and i'm just getting to the tough part now.

was looking at some old blog entries to help me get some context and realized it's been over three years since we realized dad was suffering dementia symptoms. helps me understand a little better why i drank so much during all the stoogeshows i obsessively booked during 2008.

speaking of the li'l stoogeband, looking forward to our 5.15.2010 stand at tradewinds social club in oak cliff. daron beck is opening in his c&w guise as d. wayne grubb featuring cutthroat thompson, then playing pianner with us on "raw power" and "dog, i wanna be yr." we're doing two sets, and wanz dover has graciously agreed to sit in on sax for "1970" and "funhouse." (ben marrow will do the honors once again on 5.9.2010 at "lola's palooza.")

need to have an HIO drinkie-talkie to plan our strategy for next weekend's stand at fort worth community arts center. i believe both terry and hickey will have new instruments to roll out.

once i've got the first iteration of conversations on paper, it'll be time to transcribe the phone int i did with t. tex edwards for submission to maximum rocknroll. and the italian kid has agreed to let me do a "killer or filler"-style local cd wrapup sometime in may. have to have drinks with him soon so he can give me the merkin cd.

lawnchair party this sunday. i need to fucking run this weekend, too.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Sparky as metaphor: love it! He's become the "Swiss Army Knife" of HIO...

Good luck with the writing. No better reason for a little break from the wide world of social webbing.

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