Thursday, April 22, 2010

4.21.2010, ftw

celebrated iggy's 63rd b-day by mostly listening to jimi's first rays of the new rising sun. started writing something about my dad. i've been procrastinating on this. finally got a workable design in my head and i'm trying to jumpstart this by doing five days of free writing. my goal is to pen 1000 words a day. i'm currently ahead of that. my format is five "conversations" with my dad that take place when i'm four, 17, 19, 35, and 50. it jumps all over in time and space, too.

i suck at multitasking. while i was writing, i ran the washing machine without loading it first. duh. "resolved" a plumbing issue by removing the elbow from under the kitchen sink. all i found was some black water (cue doobie brothers song), but at least now it's draining properly. note to self: don't dump vegetable debris down the drain.

hickey sprung for lunch at montgomery street cafe. one of the funniest cats i know, and the soul of HIO. then i went hunting and gathering for tomatillos, cilantro, peppers, and spinach to make fish tacos, which would have been good (a perfectly serviceable tomatillo salsa) if not ruined by a fish that turns gelatinous when heat is applied to it. the fire next time. backup meal: curly's custard.

yakking with hickey and b-rock miller on FB later, got on a faces/terry anderson kick.


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