Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4.20.2010, ftw

i dig my straight because i get to see folks i know from four or five different lives there: the man that brought me here, my wing commander from two reserve units, folks i worked at radioshack with (including the ex-ceo), people i sold records to or worked in stores with, others i've played music with/to, etc.

putting down the music scrawl for awhile with a couple of exceptions. time to start writing the big story i've been avoiding, about my old man. i don't know if i have this in me, but i've enlisted a poet whose scrawl i respect much to be a "disinterested third party," and plan to do free writing for the next five days. we'll see.

menu planning: i'm stealing a page from justin wallis' [face]book and gonna do a pan-seared mahi mahi in white wine sauce with garlic-shiitake spinach, which sounds like a humongous improvement over the broiled mahi with wilted kale i did the other night. tom'w night, it'll be fish tacos from a recipe my big sis sent...an oppo to get rid of the too-crumbly flounder we've had in the freezer for too long.


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