Sunday, April 18, 2010

4.17.2010, ftw

no workie, so spent an inordinate amount of my day off woodshedding jimi hendrix's "hey baby" from first rays of the new rising sun (originally on the rainbow bridge soundtrack). i've been obsessed with the toon since teague broke it out at prac. when i was 19, i knew a cat (teddy rispoli) who could play it. i now have bigger respect for teddy than i did back then. got the intro down, just need to 'shed it till the muscle memory kicks in. then i'll learn the arrangement of the song itself. looking fwd to jamming this with teague. besides actual guitar prac (unusual for me), i spent the day listening to the new jeff beck album and watching jimi's live at woodstock dvd.

good stoogeshow at the moon last night. my sweetie was at jubilee theater with her work ppl, so hembree (fresh from a week at a military-industrial complex tradeshow downtown) picked me up 9ish and we headed over to berry street. felt late but we were the first muso there and loaded in our gear, then adjourned over to fuzzy's for tacos 'n' beers. richard joined us there, then teague and his squeeze kara put in an appearance. back over to the moon where kerry dean (a sweet man, ex-darth vato) was holding forth acoustically. shot the shit out on the patio with #1 stoogeband fan amy, john shea, and a hpb coworker of jon's until my sweetie showed up.

teague informed me that another coworker of his, ben marrow, was going to blow sax with us. i had ben's number from a coworker of mine for months but never used it because i'm lame. ben sat in on "1970," then we changed the setlist, dropping "raw power" and adding "funhouse" to give him another oppo to show his stuff. the new moon soundguy (didn't catch his name) earned his pay and the sound onstage was tight -- i could actually hear ray and richard, and i turned up after we started. thinking we might woodshed some roxy music (a current obsesh of ray's along with t. rex) with ben over the summer. was happy to see tommy ware in the house. unassed early as i had to work this morning and i find it hard to go the distance if i'm not playing. think i might try the beck/hendrix pre-gig regime again when we play "lola's palooza" the sunday after miss aimee graduates from tcu.


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Fuzzy's and the Moon: definitely a winning combination!

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