Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4.14.2010, fttw

walked to my sweetie's old block to get a haircut, then stopped by the fw weekly office to see the italian kid. 'twas a good day to be out 'n' about. liked seeing the groups of schoolkids on their way to the science and history museum, and the work crews taking their lunches in the shade. in a few weeks, it'll be too stupid hot to do that.

lisa's fried chicken didn't seem as tempting today for some reason (possibly because i ate an acai berry bar i got from work before i set out -- i'll eat anything that i don't have to pay for), but i stopped by lola's for beers. carey blackwell was there and i told him i'm re-reading his book homefire after seeing him with lickity split in the dfw punk documentary. graham was tending bar and he told me about camping out overnight to get kai in this arts magnet school up in white settlement. i'm glad the li'l stoogeband is playing lola's palooza the same day as woodeye -- the day after my middle daughter graduates from tcu. saw brian and wished him a happy birthday.

fell by doc's and picked up the rockers soundtrack i saw the other day -- a fave from the early '80s and better than the harder they come for my money -- and asked jenkins to order me the reissue of the first small faces album on four men with beards. they're having free beer, burgers 'n' dogs, a few acoustic acts and 20% off everything used for "record store day" on saturday. sounds like a party to me.

drinkie-talkie at the bull and bush with terry and hickey tonight. terry is going to try and video our conversation. i'm going to try to "interview" sparky.


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