Monday, March 22, 2010

hey, artists in haltom city! your arts council wants to give you money!

if you're an artist of any sort -- musician, songwriter, poet, visual artist, choreographer -- and you live in haltom city, the arts council northeast (formerly artsnet) is now offering grants of up to $5000 to individual artists. it's easy to apply. just go to their website, click on the "grants" link, and download their application. the app is basically two pages plus a budget, unless you're applying for a teaching grant, and takes about half an hour to fill out. who walks away from free money?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello artists...this is your arts council speaking....

Really, I'd be happy to plan out a half hour to sit with you to fill out the information if needed. The deadline is March 31. This is the beginning of a process, since I want you each to learn where to find additional money from here, but this is a GREAT start!! My number is 817-283-3406, and my cell is 817-602-6392.
Cathy Hernandez

4:48 AM  

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