Wednesday, March 03, 2010

3.3.2010, ftw

listening to hembree's audio and watching dre's dvd of HIO's stand at lola's 6th last weekend, there are several moments that made me laugh out loud: 1) tony's bombastic intro, followed by scraping/rumbling sounds; 2) hickey's singing greeting card; and 3) hembree's sliding-tube instrument. very pleased with the sound of the stripped-down lineup at lower volume.

this sunday, we plan to play three times: 1) recording inside the vortex outside the modern; 2) at the kessler theater for jeff liles' video camera; and 3) at the phoenix project with forest ward, chasing the muse, and violent squid. we hit at 2p so hickey can get back to weatherford in time to feed the animals. then back to ftw for tommy atkins' wake at lola's 6th.

looking forward to stooge prac tomorrow night, and hoping we can sked one for the tuesday that my sister's here from new joisey, in between inventory and sxsw. i'm riding the train to austin and hoping to connect with musos from this band (clear spot) that wants to book shows with HIO in austin and houston. shooting for the time between mid-may, when terry's school finishes, and late june, when my sweetie's does.


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