Monday, March 22, 2010

3.22.2010, ftw

catbox and trash out, greywater dumped, laundry in, grass mowed. i feel so accomplished. now it's time to promote some slack. this song was the perfect soundtrack for watering my dad's tree and clearing the grass and weeds from shadow and pablo's little corner of our world.

ADDENDUM: took a walk to get a coupla slices from nizza pizza (crust a little thin for my liking but otherwise okay; big joe's in haltom city still rules). took a stroll across the green space by the kimbell and stood on the ground where the wreck room used to be -- sacred space for me. the wreck's gone, so's the doorway where i proposed to my sweetie. at least the little house where she used to live is still there -- for now. stopped by the fw weekly office to see the italian kid; we might have drinks next week. got the cans down to the street. now it's time to fold laundry. and listen to more albert ayler. hooray!


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