Tuesday, March 16, 2010

3.15.2010, ftw

i find it really disturbing when customers at work come up to me and say, "hi, i have cancer/diabetes/you-fill-in-the-blank and my doctor says i should do X, Y, or Z, but i don't want to do that. what do _you_ think i should do _instead_?"

yesterday was, near as we can figure, midnight's 13th birthday, and we gave him the best b-day party he's had since his "over-the-hill" party when he was two: his own plate of chicken (we had chicken korma with collard greens and mango), decorations hung at cat-level, a cm fruit tart with candles (he surprised us all by eating some of the custard after we picked the fruit off). he's still sleeping it off, five hours later.

going to see the warhol exhibit with laurie and the rabbi, then pho 95 and stooge prac in the evening.

rain on the roof: you'd think it'd make it _easier_ to go back to sleep.


Blogger Treehouse-Dweller said...

Jesse and I really liked the Warhol exhibit, I hope you post your opinions of it!

As for rain on the roof, it caught me by surprise: as part of my spring break cleaning spree, I washed all my rugs, and hung them out on the fence to dry yesterday. They're now soaking wet. :(

6:58 AM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

gotta watch out. texas is notorious for that in the spring!

7:35 AM  
Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Make sure for Midnight's 18th you hire him a stripper. He told me to tell you, under threat of clawing.

Short hair, nothing over 5 years of age. No gingers.

9:42 AM  

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