Saturday, March 13, 2010

3.12.2010, ftw

bailed early from the big rawk show last night. this week at work kicked my ass. getting off early tonight to avoid o-t and we'll walk to nizza pizza on university to see what the fuss is about.

getting ready for my sister's arrival tomorrow. she'll be with us until thursday. scheduled an out-of-cycle stoogeprac for tuesday so she can get to hear the band. got her some me-thinks earplugs for the occasion last night. hoping we'll be able to get the kids and grandkids out while she's here. at least some of them.

can't place anything new with the fw weekly till late next month, but have a bunch of stuff coming (new jeff beck and hendrix cd's, small faces dvd) that i'll review for the i-94 bar.

working on hustling some HIO shows in austin and houston with austin band clear spot in between when terry and my sweetie get out of school (basically we've got a two-week window in mid-june). probably try and book something with tony, luis, and domingo at 1919 or the phoenix project, too.

will play the run of shows the stoogeband has booked, then probably call it down for the summer. talked to ben schultz from magnus last night about possibly doing something with them at sunshine bar, and we're not averse to doing something at doublewide or in oak cliff if the oppo presents itself. we'll see what happens to jon's sked when he and daron are up and running again as pinkish black.

this week i also got to reconnect (via skype, yet another way to waste time on the intarweb) with a cat who was my best friend in high school (we went to different ones together), emigrated to new zealand around the time i moved to texas, and is currently visiting his family on lawn guyland. a real nice surprise. he's playing guitar now. i know he'll be resistant, but i wanna see if i can get him to jam via the link.


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