Thursday, March 11, 2010

3.11.2010, ftw

burnt out from inventory. glad that only happens every six months.

saw mr. horn and his new six-string cigarbox guitar tonight. three sets of courses. i tuned the courses in unison, but of course you could use some other interval. action's high, but that's fine. played it with a slide, bow (sounds like hickey's got some rosin; must bum some), screwdriver, and shish kabob skewers. bet it'll sound huge plugged in.

been brainwashing myself with HIO recordings tonight after an abortive attempt to do a podcast (not feelin' it): 3.7.2010 kessler, 2.27.2010 lola's, 2.28.2010 kessler. terry and i agree that the first one is as close to our original intent for this band as anything we've recorded. i think the second is pretty badass too. those two, the 10.17.2009 and 12.27.2009 house sessions, and 12.19.2009 1919 hemphill are my favorite things we've done so far. terry and i are plotting another couple of recording sessions.

and oh, yeah -- i found the revenant albert ayler box set online for ridiculously cheap. hooray!


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Most excellent indeed.

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