Sunday, February 28, 2010

2.27.2010, ftw

i called hickey as soon as i got home from work to remind him to bring his synth to lola's 6th. unfortunately, by that time, he was already eating dinner at the ihop on university, but he went to the cvs and bought a toddler's keyboard and a musical easter card which he used to good effect.

a stripped down HIO lineup with a great andre edmonson mix made it easy to hear everybody. think this is the configuration we'll stick to for awhile. dig the interaction between marcus' 'bone and hembree's small instruments. i backed my stage volume way off and played a lot of screwdriver and clothespin gtr as well as using the ebow.

terry didn't play at all; instead, he did a live painting which was projected on a screen behind us. wound up selling it for $100, which he'll donate to tommy a.'s family.

kurt rongey from the underground railroad was taking pictures, and andre got almost our whole set on video. when we finished, there was a guy with the sticker design on a piece of red construction paper that he got all of us to sign. i asked terry who he was, and he said, "i thought _you_ knew him!"

tonight at the kessler theater in oak cliff (two blocks from the second place i lived in texas!), it'll be terry, hembree, billy wilson on theremin, and your humble chronicler o' events.


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