Tuesday, February 23, 2010

2.23.2010, ftw

when i was in sixth grade, my best bud, whose mom was a liberal with a large "l" (his dad passed away the year before we met), got to bag school on the occasions of the vietnam moratorium and the very first earth day. i remember falling by the episcopal church where he spent the day hanging out for the latter and seeing a sign someone had made that said "ANTI-POLLUTION NOW!" true story.

years later, when my buddy jay -- whom i met during an extremely ill-advised attempt to make a rock 'n' roll band in aspen, colorado, during the winter of '79-'80 and now resides with his wife in london -- and i were both out of work, we used to email each other "ANTI-UNEMPLOYMENT NOW!," which we both thought was funnier than a fish. we were '60s kids.

i have no idea why i remembered this while i was at work tonight.


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