Friday, February 12, 2010

2.12.2010, ftw

"so," said mr. horn, "do you not write on your blog anymore now that you're on facebook?"

this weekend, i'm going to try to write a book review and a record review for the i-94 bar. after that, i want to go back to my long-lapsed practice of writing for 30 minutes a day about _something_. and maybe play 30 minutes a day on the cigarbox guitar or violin. (i play both atrociously, by the way.) perhaps even, um, start running again.

this i swear.

off tomorrow but i think my sweetie and i are going to forego the show we'd been planning on attending. expecting to hear from at least two of my kids this weekend. and i'm still recovering from my all-nighter, was it really a week ago? getting too "seasoned and mature" for that shit.


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