Sunday, January 03, 2010

The Flying Eyes

What's happening to De Yoof of America today? I have no idea, but I find it..._interesting_ when musos born in the '80s come across like, well, _we_ did back when I was a snotnose in the '70s. I'm thinking of bands like The Lonely H from Washington, with whom PFFFFT! had the pleasure of playing at the Chat Room wa-a-ay back in 2008, and Memphians The Dirty Secrets, beloved of brother Eric Hermeyer; for reasons why, see the clip below. (Here's a hint, guys: There's already another band, thisun made up of middle-aged losers, who have the same name and also do a versh of "Funk 49" -- I'm just sayin'.)

Just got a shiny silver disc in the mail from The Flying Eyes, a heavy psych outfit from Baltimore, of all places, whose two self-released EPs were just picked up for release on a single CD by World In Sound/Trip In Time, the same smiling folks from Germany who brought us the Gunslingers awhile back. Their sonic palette includes shades that range from Black (Sabbath, Keys, Angels) to Pink (Floyd), and indeed, on "Lay With Me" from their Bad Blood EP (which kicks off the CD), they alternately channel a freak-folk Jim Morrison and the Queens of the Stone Age.

The Morrisonics are a constant (just dig how Will Kelly intones "Brown river is burning, can't you see" on "Don't Point Your God At Me"), as is the droning, wheezing organ (courtesy of Adam Bufano, who also splits guitar duties with Kelly). By the time they cut the Winter EP (conveniently sequenced in chronological order on the CD), their fusion of scuzz-rock and acid-blooze strains was sounding more organic and confident, not to mention darker and doomier. I'd like to see these guys play on the back of a flatbed truck in some park -- maybe even at their homegrown "Farm Fest," held annually on a farm in Manchester, Maryland. Recommended if you like Dungen and all those bands that Julian Cope is forever championing.


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