Saturday, January 30, 2010

1.29.2010, ftw

second mark growden show in two nights last night at lola's 6th. better attended than the previous evening in the stockyards, thanks to headliner the great tyrant. while i dug the intimacy and duration of the previous night, you could tell mark was getting a charge from the audience's energy.

a smoke-free lola's 6th was a little weird, but not unwelcome, and got to see a bunch of folks we hadn't seen in awhile: scott copeland (who'd just finished playing a happy hour set), carey wolff (who's playing at the grotto next friday with reggie rueffer -- perfect storm; save the date) and graham richardson in a corner, jesse sierra hernandez and his sweetie becky, darryl wood (who says he's doing a project with darrin kobetich: electronics and acoustic guitar; sounds interesting) and jeffrey williams (who has long hair now!), making me feel like i was back at the wreck room for a minute and like i'm the romper room lady now.

orange coax (prounouned "cokes") opened with a slam-bang set of '70s no-wave sounding squall with just sax, drums, and voxxx and the tyrant were their classic selves, but we had to didi early as my sweetie was flagging and we wanted to save energy for tonight's HIO extravaganza at 1919 hemphill, with harry has a head like a ping pong ball, dj lo-rez, and yes, mark growden is our special guest. hopefully i'll get to hear him play my favorite song o' the moment again.

thisun is becoming a fave as well. dig the way he makes that accordion sing like a damn pipe organ.

ADDENDUM: also met john moore, an interesting artist who taught the magical ash adams and michael chamy at trinity valley, and is apparently also collaborating with darrin kobetich on a play based on the writings of edward abbey, to be produced by hip pocket theater. (thanks to kavin for the coat-pull on the play.)


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