Thursday, January 28, 2010

1.28.2010, ftw

mark growden is in town to play two shows at lola's (stockyards tonight, 6th street tomorrow with the great tyrant) and do some media. he's staying with andre, so tonight before the show we ate dinner together. mark made a wonderful swiss chard, green squash, and potato soup (using an immersion blender, which is a piece of kitchen hardware we might need to invest in) and my sweetie made broiled cabbage (with bacon for mark, her, and me; without for dre). pure goodness.

the crowd at the stockyards was small due to the rain and threat of freeze, but mark made the intimacy of the venue work for him once he got some sound problems sorted out -- he's used to performing in theaters without microphones, and the rockaroll p.a. was putting out a lot more sound than he needed; at one point, chris fisher remarked, "i forgot how much voice projection you have." for the handful of people there, it was like having our own private mark growden show -- a good thing. (hopefully tomorrow night's performance will be better attended.)

accompanying himself on sruti box, accordion, and banjo, mark played a set that mixed material from his new album saint judas, other songs he's planning to record with his "tucson edition" band, and some unrecorded covers, done his own way of course (broooce's "i'm on fire," an adapted version of aretha's "i never loved a man," smokey robinson's "you really got a hold on me"). the solo format served to highlight the strength of growden's lyrics, particularly on two saint judas songs: "coyote" and "if the stars could sing." looking forward to hearing him again tomorrow night.

ADDENDUM: because i'm an idiot, i missed at dinner when mark said he doesn't eat meat anymore. mea culpa.


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