Saturday, January 02, 2010

1.2.2010, dallas/ftw

took a walk with t. horn and his bride this morning, then rode over to big d. with him to visit the big half price books and good records. found vinyl copies of charlie haden's ballad of the fallen with the liberation music orchestra and arthur blythe's lennox avenue breakdown (a promo, same as the copy i used to own -- i don't think i ever saw a "real" copy of this record). good was out of the new live tom waits glitter and doom, which i pre-ordered for my sweetie from amazon back in october and wound up getting refunded for when it failed to show up a month after it was supposedly mailed. feh. wound up getting it for eight bucks at best buy back in the fort.

lunched and beered at vickery park, which features better-than-average bar food (he: brisket sammie; i: a noble club sammie) and has genesee cream ale in the bottle.

work early tom'w, then monday i'm off, so i'll try and get another walk in, as well as scribing on new music by chicagoans geronimo! (who'll be at 1919 hemphill on 1.15, the night HIO is recording at rahr brewery) and frank rosaly, as well as the flying eyes, a heavy psych band from baltimore with an album out on the same german label that brought us the gunslingers last year. yeah!


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