Saturday, January 16, 2010

1.15.2010, ftw

HIO recorded again, this time at ben rogers' new spot at 2510c hemphill (across the street from the biggest lisa's fried chicken i've ever seen or can imagine -- seriously, the place looks like a firehouse). cool space, with three cats and tony ferraro passing through in the course of the evening; ben had his new year's eve party there.

hembree's in alabama for work, sarah a. and michael c. were unavailable, so the starting lineup was terry, hickey, marcus, michael briggs, and your humble chronicler o' events. tammy gomez had agreed to come and flow some verse, but hembree's absence meant no p.a. (we'd hoped to use the li'l one that goodwin uses for rehearsals); terry brought a couple of extra li'l guitar amps, along with some percussion/noisemakers and a very distressed violin.

we recorded the way we always do...the first person to set up (in this case, briggs) starts playing and others fall in as we go. it was a fun sesh. i tried using the violin bow on the guitar, as well as the e-bow and a screwdriver, and attacked the violin with much ornettitude, as well as playing percussion and drums (for whiskey folk ramblers' drumkit was set up in a corner of the leaky "stage"). marcus played drums and keyboards as well as bass trombone. hickey's electric gopichand was more audible than it's been on some of our other sessions. terry played a lot of electric cigarbox guitar as well as percussion and noisemakers.

after awhile, tammy showed up, along with these sweet kids tina and alex from san francisco. tammy flowed some verse and played some percussion and after awhile, the kids got into it, too, playing cbg, drums, and guitar. my sweetie was there and took some pics, which she'll post later on her photo blog. be interesting to hear how hickey's recording turned out.

work today, then tomorrow i'll get to see my youngest daughter and at least one of her kids, whom i haven't seen in like six months. it'll be a good day.


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