Saturday, January 02, 2010

1.1.2010, ftw

i can't stop listening to the new HIO recordings, especially hickey's 30-minute remix. he told me he cut the big, 35-minute live recording into five-minute sections and overlaid them, which resulted in episodes of first my, then patrick's, then my overlaid solos, with intervals of michaels briggs and chamy in between. (for this sesh, terry was serving as the "percussionist.") the guitar sections sound nicely in-your-face and psychedelic -- maybe dan mcguire would even like them! -- while the trombone sections sound like a herd of elephants playing "consequences" from trane's meditations. me likey much! not sure whether or not we're going to put thisun on the web for free downloading -- need patrick's approval before we go forward.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

I thought some of Patrick's parts sounded like a semi engaging its Jake Brake, which was an awesome effect.

2:20 PM  

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