Thursday, December 10, 2009

wes race the blues fan's blues uberfan: this kansan was present at the creation of alligator records, hound dog taylor's road manager in the '70s, living blues scribe (which is how i read his scrawl as a teenager), poet and spoken word artist. i first met him at the keys lounge when the band i was in hosted a food back benefit, christmas '98. when i played in lady pearl's b.t.a. band, he used to come to the swing club and flow spiel when ray reed sang lightnin' hopkins' "mr. charlie." he produced robin sylar's records and has one of his own, from which the tune in the vid below is drawn, but if i had the resources, i'd release the tracks he cut with remixer harry hoggard around the same time and bend some people's minds. thanks to t. tex for the link.


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