Wednesday, December 02, 2009


this a.m. i was listening to the second disc of the rhino reish of the stooges (thinking about using the disgusting fuzztone i inadvertently discovered on the marshall bluesbreaker on some of those songs with the stoogeband), then put on the yardbirds "roger the engineer" alb when i noticed that james williamson had posted some clips from the jeff beck live-at-ronnie-scott's dvd on facebook. there are no coincidences!

playing with HIO had already gotten me thinking about jeff again. the long tones i play with the ebow remind me that jeff was the first guy to make a guitar sound like a violin via distortion and sustain. love his eastern european violin-sounding lines that are mixed beneath the surface of "turn into earth," and his use of harmonic feedback to extend notes on "what do you want." a lot of the string-scraping noise i do with HIO is ispahrd by his escapades on beck-ola. now he's like a zen master, and looks like he's having the time of his life playing. maybe i'll watch that dvd again today, since i'm off work and obviously not going anywhere due to the snow. i could follow it up with the stooges' escaped maniacs to see RON.

i love it when elements of my life that i'd previously kept compartmentalized come together. nothing's ever wasted.


Blogger planckzoo said...

I really like the Ronnie Scott DVD,if I ever get a blue ray player, I will buy the Blue Ray version, it also includes a Rock A billy set.
Beck seems happier/at ease with himself and his playing is still mindblowingly great.

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