Thursday, December 10, 2009

gutterth compilation two ADDENDUM

while i regret i'm missing their dead week print show tonight, the least i can do for the gutterth productions guys is write three-word reviews of all the tracks on their compilation two (which, if you haven't downloaded it yet from their site, what are you waiting for?).

dust congress - languid stringband dirge.

shiny around the edges - indie noise duet.

drink to victory - crushing muffled heaviness.

ryan thomas becker - raw quivering plaint.

mount righteous - farting tuba pop.

sunnybrook - tuneless hipi chant.

new science projects - earnest folkie punk.

doug burr - chiming sentimental arpeggios.

the timeline post - soft, then LOUD.

burntsienna trio - acerbic muso's complainogram.

kaboom - lithium garage skronk.

daniel folmer - narcoleptic pianner ballad.

the house harkonnen - bracing heavy rifferama.

dear human - the drummer's band?

power animal - underground "children's music."

dirty water disease - relentless sinister noisefest.

eyes and ears - bright lysergic sunsplash.

sarah jaffe - whiskey voiced lament.

record hop - languid grunge waltz.

sleep whale - hallucinatory dreamland pop.

geistheistler - excruciating feedback interval.

history at our disposal - shambolic nightmare landscape.

delmore pilcrow - tweedy farfisa shuffle.

hotel hotel - stately remembered symphony.

rtb2 - off kilter rockarama.

vexed uk - icy teutonic chorale.

the heartstring stranglers - rustic diy tango.

nervous curtains - '80s britpop tango.

sabra laval - floating saloon chanteuse.

true widow - minimal pulsing throb.

glen farris - sweet folk primitivism.

doyen - echolalic caterwauling waltz.

the angelus - rockin' anglo-saxon ballad.

florene - solar echo disco.


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