Saturday, December 26, 2009

12.26.2009, ftw

day two of the food orgy. looking forward to seeing at least two of my daughters and a couple of my grandkids today. would like to go for the trifecta but we'll see.

big english brekkie with jon and kara yesterday. fun hanging out with them. afterward took a li'l nap, then watched a lou reed documentary and the julian schnabel film of berlin. my sweetie astutely pointed out that uncle lou is doing the same thing with schnabel that he was with andy in the exploding plastic inevitable daze, altho with different intent and to different effect.

been listening a lot to the recording of HIO at 1919. i'm very pleased with this performance and with the 10.17 recording. big improvement over this time last year when i felt frustrated by the failure of PFFFFT! while i'm playing less this year than last, i'm enjoying it more -- not just in HIO but in stoogeaphilia, as well. and HIO appears to have some momentum, for the moment at least. looking forward to our dinner/recording session tomorrow night.

terry has talked about getting artists and filmmakers to do stuff in conjunction with our next live show. he said folks he talked to about this in denton asked whether he didn't think that it'd make HIO seem like a gimmick and prevent us from being taken seriously as musicians. i think being taken seriously is overrated; besides, we could use something like back projected films to bring some visual interest to a group of people that all look down all the time while performing. worked for the velvets.

passed on drinkie-talkie at the showdown with friends last night. woulda been nice to see 'em, but the warmth and meat-drunkenness were too pleasant for me to brave the cold so i could sit breathing smoke. it's nice feeling like at last, i'm where i belong.


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"9.26.2009, ftw"... Thinking of warmer days, eh?

Take ourselves seriously? What a laugh!

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