Thursday, December 31, 2009

12.31.2009, ftw

they were cutting hours at work today, so i came home at 1pm vice 4:30pm. went to the bank, home depot, and the market with my sweetie. stopped at the home depot hot dog stand and ate three hot dogs with grilled onions and spicy brown mustard and one chicken fajita with pico de gallo. hickey finished mixing the 12.27 HIO sesh with patrick crossland: a 35-minute performance, plus 30- and 5-minute hickey remixes. i think the 30-minute remix is my fave. going to jesse the painter's party this evening but plan to be home before midnight to avoid all the amateurs on the road. the key is leaving before the fire dancer starts. now listening to chicago drummer frank rosaly's new album milkwork. cool stuff; review to follow.


Blogger a. said...

there's always a hot dog, bbq or mexican chow cart out front of home depot. one near me has hot italian sausage. life is good.

happy new year.

11:54 AM  

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