Sunday, December 27, 2009

12.27.2009, ftw

thanks to hickey for the date correction on the last post. duh.

two good trips to doc's yesterday: television's marquee moon, dictators' go girl crazy and blood brothers, and the first lou reed album, which jenkins emailed to let me know he'd found where somebody stashed it after i left, which prompted my return visit.

saw two of my kids and two of my grandkids yesterday, plus aimee's husband james and her friends brian and mimi. kimie says she and justin are converting their garage to a jam room, so i'll have to go over and play acoustics with her, maybe one day next week. aimee took her home when the boys started getting tired, then came back and we had a nice visit. always good to see her and her friends. no kelli this time, but we've still got her christmas (and birthday) presents in the closet for whenever she emerges from wherever she's staying in the mid-cities.

today i'll burn some cd-r's and figure out what equipment configuration i wanna use for tonight's recording. things will commence at "the hickey hour" (7pm) and we'll cook spaghetti and have dinner and chinwag with the musos (including trombonist patrick crossland, visiting his folks in big d from germany) before we record (hickey's bringing his recording rig again). big marcus said he should be back from nyc in order to get here around 9pm, so we'll have two trombones, plus sarah a. is bringing her harmonium.

got a call from work yesterday so i'm opening tomorrow, but will then have tuesday off. planning to go to jesse the painter's for nye. looks like stoogeprac will have to wait until 1.7.2010, two days before the grotto gig. still don't know our start time for that.


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