Thursday, December 17, 2009

12.17.2009, ftw

caves show went well, albeit with fewer peeps than last time. will have to find out from ray whether we got a payout. magnus kicked ass -- sort of a heavy prog with lots of tempo changes and complicated fret-math. they play more notes in one song than we do in an hour. we did what we always do. sound onstage was great. i could hear myself, hembree, and teague really clearly. ray less so, which caused me to blow some cues -- feh. having monitors is overrated. hope that caves' owner doesn't pull the plug on bands next year.

my gear's hurtin'. i need to see if i can reattach the volume knob to my amp. i took the tele along, in addition to the epi, in case i busted another string, since the dangits wouldn't be there to help if i did. (actually a couple of them were there for the start of our set; didn't go the distance, but who can blame them on a freezing-ass wednesday night?) when i plugged it in to tune, i pushed the jack into the body. i need to pull the plates off and tighten up the jack, as well as all the knobs. but i'm lazy. maybe saturday.

we had an offer of a show in austin, but it turns out teague can't get the day off, as the date's the same as inventory at hpb, and he's the inventory manager at his store. feh. on a more positive note, found out that zeitmorder (a very literal germanization of "time killer"), his solo synth project, will be on the bill with HIO at 1919 hemphill this saturday. i've been wanting to hear his solo stuff. he and kara will be joining us for big english breakfast on christmas day. this makes me very happy.

saw jenkins from doc's while i was shilling potions and lotions for the man. said he hadn't gotten in anything that seemed up my alley, but i'll probably pay him a visit saturday anyway.

day three without a headache. thank you, neti pot.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Why do today what one can put off doing tomorrow?

Glad the headaches are still being held at bay. Hopefully your system continues to work!

9:05 AM  

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