Saturday, December 12, 2009

12.12.2009, ftw

last night: yummy sausage, peppers and onions with baked potatoes for din-din, then off to the big rawk show at lola's 6th. good to see chad and reggie rueffer (reg with new g-f kim), frank logan, graham richardson, jesse sierra hernandez, phil hemsley, tommy and marissa ware. lotsa new kid pics and new relationship news.

lotsa musos in the house for the hochimen set, including ryan thomas becker from eaton lake tonics/rtb2 and daniel gomez from goodwin, both of whom know what good is. ed mcmahon's played guitar on two great records this year (bonedome's thinktankubator and the better death's self-titled debut), and reggie and the boys had a couple of new numbers in their set, one sung by chad, which will be recorded while reggie's free from charlie pride commitments for the winter. a couple of totenlieder songs in the set i hadn't heard live before -- "the funeral gig" and "death in captivity." reggie moved like a spider while singing his convoluted-yet-beguiling melodies. behind him, the two guitars and drummer demonstrated that incredibly complex music can be played aggressively. one of my favorite bands of all ti-i-ime. nice to see so many folks out for a 9pm start, too.

the dangits' frontguy mike noyes told me the writeup i did on them for the fw weekly "made my mother very happy," and as she was actually in attendance, along with his in-laws, i bought her a drink (crown and coke). bassist paul blank looked for all the world like a younger graham richardson and wore a natty three-piece suit with boutonniere like a lost wedding band muso, a sartorial touch matched only by my friend frank's plaid shoes. whether or not they were feeling any additional pressure to deliver, the dangits brought all the requisites for a great rawk show -- speed, power, flash, humor -- to the stage at lola's 6th, playing a set that proved why they're the most exciting new band i've seen in at least five years.

spent most of max cady's set socializin' out on the porch while my sweetie took band shots of the dangits (since drummer mark baker is now a permanent member), and had to cut out as the me-thinks were starting, as my headaches have still not entahrly departed. the good news was that one tramadol seems to be doing the trick since i started neti-ing, and i was able to drink beer without triggering another skull-splitter.

listening to clean feed goodies today and debating whether or not to try to make the dave burrell show in dallas tonight. it would suck getting a headache there and having to haul ass all the way back to the fort. we'll see.


Blogger Art Ebie said...

It was a pleasure chattin' with you, Ken. "Funeral Gig"... holy cow.

6:39 AM  

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