Sunday, December 06, 2009

12.06.2009, ftw

yesterday a cat came in the market and asked for "the best motherfucking vitamins you have." i never heard it put quite that way. after the texas game started, it felt more like a wednesday night than a saturday.

my sweetie had her jubilee theater evening with her work ppl, so mr. horn joined me for din-din and drinkie-talkie at sushi axiom; still want to try the whole fried trout at tokyo cafe, but waiting for a night when kat can be there to do that. (thanks sarah for recommending the sisters roll!) will have to go back to try some of the thai specialties. i'm also gonna be writing up thai tina's for the weekly whenever the italian kid and i can hook up, and foodie jim prince from work pulled my coat to a place out on highway 80 west called thai rice and noodle that he said is ace, so there could be a lot of thai food in my immediate future. a good thing, as it's my favorite asian cuisine, much to my family's chagrin.

we discussed the possibility of some low-key coffeehouse-bookstore gigs as a duo, maybe billing it as JIN MEN JU, maybe as HIO. (if terry, hickey, and i are present, it's HIO.) plan to meet up at the vortex outside the modern art museum early one day next weekend, to do some recording inside before the museum opens.

came home to a big package of new cd's from clean feed in portugal, so the next time i have a day off, i'll have lots of listening/reviewing to do.

felt the onset of another headache while we were out, which i forestalled first with butterbur from work and then with tramadol that the p.a. prescribed. took awhile to kick in, and i still had pain when i woke up around 4am, so i popped another one even though it'd only been a couple of hours (supposed to take one every six) that finally took the edge off it. still unable to figure out what's triggering these incidences. hoping i can get through closing tonight without another one.

i've checked all my email and apparently i dreamed that jenkins boyd sent out a notice that doc's has a facebook page. what a mundane thing to dream about.


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