Friday, November 13, 2009

jethro tull and my cats

during the terminal phase of my tenure as a regular contributor to the fw weekly, i penned a fairly scathing and contemptuous screed in the form of a review of the then-current jethro tull albums. re-reading it now only confirms that i needed to take a break back then, which i shortly did.

the truth is that back in the day, when i was really pissed off at my old man and still used to listen to song lyrics, i spent many (usually late night) hours spinning stand up and benefit, which i've been listening to today with great enjoyment. (my paper-eating cats are apparently tired of hearing lou reed's berlin, because _somebody_ shredded its inner sleeve and i know it wasn't me.)

and wouldn't you know, ian anderson's an ailurophile. there are no coincidences.


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