Monday, November 02, 2009


last night, while my sweetie was going through the boxes of shit in the shed to find some of her professional papers, she unearthed a box of fw weeklies and other rags with my scrawl in 'em that i thought i'd lost or pitched.

so now i have a copy of the james williamson int from the big takeover and the src piece from shindig (whose publishers have now apparently recycled my rationals piece in a tome called psychotic reaction: a garage rock special).

i also have a bunch (but not all) of my weekly scrawl, including the nathan brown cover and a bunch of pieces that are nice to have as much for the memories they bring back of what was going on while i was working on 'em as they are for anything in the writing or subject matter. by the time i bailed from scribing for the paper essentially full-time in '04, you can definitely tell i was one burnt piece of toast. digging life (and music, and scrawl) much better now.


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