Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11.9.2009, ftw

stoogeprac last night. we went over what we needed to go over. sat'day at lola's stockyards should be good. dangits play first, then we could play long, since there are only two bands. i broke a string and wound up using josh anderson's les paul studio, which was surprisingly light but didn't have a lot going on above the 12th fret; apparently josh likes his action light and doesn't do much high-register wankage. must try and switch shifts at work saturday, so i don't have to run directly from there to the gig.

teague kindly gave me a lift home but left his wallet at the prac pad, which sucks as he was already sleep-deprived (seems to be a lot of that going on these days). hope he was able to get it back from ray and get some sleep.

today is my middle daughter's 25th birthday. she's already a better writer than i am, and much more centered at her age than i was. i am very proud of her.


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