Friday, November 06, 2009

11.6.2009, ftw

wasn't scheduled to work until 10am today but woke up to the phone at 7am. had been up late hashing over some worrisome news, but when the manager from work asked if i could open, i said, "ok, i'll be there in 20 minutes." once i got my glasses on, i realized that i had nearly an hour to get ready. be thankful for small favors.

went and saw terry's installation at contemporary arts fort worth tonight. a cool space, now well attended, between the art show, the pottery show, and menopause: the musical. not to mention z's cafe. a little oasis of the arts, within walking distance of my house (altho she wound up driving because my knee is hosed).

my sweetie 'n' i were both too tired to make the great tyrant show at lola's 6th. came home and crashed for awhile, then got up and started editing a chapter of the book i'm collaborating on. want to start writing something about my old man but there may be other, more pressing family biz this weekend. more rekkid reviews appear to be coming my way, too. just wish i was playing more. the italian kid and my buddy tommy in schenectady dug the cd-r, but hembree says he sees how it might not be evabody's cuppa tea.


Blogger Herb Levy said...

good to see you guys in passing last night. sorry to read you may have more pressing family biz coming. Good luck with whatever's going on.

6:11 AM  

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