Wednesday, November 04, 2009

11.4.2009, ftw

was pleased to notice the other day that the "free at last 11.4.2008" graffiti on the newspaper machine by the donut shop up the street from me has survived an entahr year.

been burning a lot of time on facebook the last coupla nights. the first night i was on there, i spent a lot of time yakking with the guy who convinced me to move to texas, whom i haven't seen in ten years, and one of the guys who made the trip with me, whom i haven't seen in 30.

tommy and i had made a trip to montreal a few months before leaving new york. the adirondack northway in october is one of the prettiest drives i've ever been on. the colors of the leaves are so brilliant that the hills look like they're on fire. we spent four days in montreal, being snubbed by the francophones. montreal's a weird place. the french-speakers there looked like very sophisto europeans. the anglophones looked like scummy americans. the fourth day we were there, we were sitting at a bar when i told tommy, "i'm tired of this shit. the next person who speaks english to me, i'm going to start crying and give them all my money."

at that moment, the bartender came up to us and said, "you fellas ready for another?"

luckily, tommy was able to get me out of there before i handed the guy my last fifty bucks.

we'd just had four shots of canadian mist. after that, it got pretty...interesting.

on the road to texas, our friend brian and i treated tommy abysmally. i had a lot of some drug that i wouldn't let tommy have. when we got to dallas, he got really homesick. being young men, we were merciless, and baited him horribly. after a couple of months, he got sick of it and went home.

the other night, he and i apologized to each other for being such pricks to each other 30 years ago.

it's the kind of thing middle aged men do, i guess.

one thing i've noticed since i started giving out copies of the HIO cd-r at work: when i asked them what they thought of it, none of the people i gave it to had listened to it. this means that either they feel the same way about unsolicited listening material as i do, or, as terry posited yesterday, that "perhaps it's not as good as we think it is." i'm hoping the folks i mailed copies to the other day will have some impression.


Blogger Treehouse-Dweller said...

I was just telling Jesse how dismayed I was that, since you got a facebook account, you'd stop writing interesting posts about your life.

Sure, music is interesting, but I like hearing about what you and your sweetie had for dinner, for example! I guess that means I am just nosey. ;)

...I had a fb account in college, but quickly what realized that, for me, it was not much more than a time vacuum and drama machine. Long story short I enjoyed this post, lol!

8:07 AM  
Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Memories of Montreal for me? Doing quad shots of espresso and not being able to sleep. The natives were not rude like Parisians. Could be the fact I was there during an "asshole blackout", or something.

In regards to the HIO CD-Rs it's probably more than likely the former explanation. I'm the same way about unsolicited material (unless it's from somebody I know).

9:20 AM  
Blogger a. said...

if these social networking sites are good for nothing else - they're good for tracking down long lost folks to make an attempt to right some past wrongs. lords knows i've done it myself a bunch of times.

10:19 AM  

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