Wednesday, November 18, 2009

11.18.2009 ftw

hembree sez the recording of the li'l stoogeband's 11.14.2009 lola's stockyards stand sounds "vicious," and the versh of "i got a right" (from the very _end_ of the night) he put online as a sample sounds fairly blazing. (plus, i missed ray saying "we are the toadies...good night!" at the end while it was happening.) matt and i agree that we might have to start burning cd-r's of this a la HIO, although i'm resistant to my sister's advocacy of a stoogeaphilia facebook page because i already spend too much goddamn time on fb.

was sorry i missed drinks with a coupla good friends yesterday due to work, but dan sez he might try getting some people together over thanksgiving weekend (when i have three days off, hahahahaha). we'll see how into that we are after being meat glutted and watching baby snakes on the floor with our cats.


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