Monday, October 12, 2009

weekend post mortem

i dunno if anybody got any pics of ray rubbing peanut butter all over himself, but i hope they did. my sweetie had her camera, but once she sat down at the bar at the moon, that was pretty much it for her; if she'd had cats and a crossword puzzle, she probably would have gone to sleep.

the one fingered fist boys sound better every time i hear them. josh is doing most of the singing now, including a cover of arlo guthrie's "comin' in to los angeles," which will introduced as "a song about drug smuggling." the fist will open for the li'l stoogeband at caves in arlington (900 w. division) on wednesday. hooray!

the bipolar express to' it up with organ-driven, r&b-inspahrd garage-rock grunt, including covers of "i don't need no doctor" the ray charles way and the minutemen's "this ain't no picnic," with hank tosh from the gospel swingers and the deadites on drums.

my rig was giving me fits before sir marlin von bungy (bless him) suggested i dispense with the f/x loop and just plug in direct. it seems i'm not meant to use any piece of equipment that's smarter than i am, and besides, i didn't have any more cords to replace the dead one(s). simpler is better.

we put "funhouse" earlier in the set than planned to get bob fisher onstage earlier. ray added "johanna" (which i'd somehow forgotten) on a whim and we pulled it off about 95%. matt pulled my sleeve and said jon wanted to play "t.v. eye"...oops, i mean "i wanna be yr dog" instead of "search and destroy." jon teague says he's going to write the setlists from now on. an important consideration: don't kill the drummer.

daron beck wasn't able to sit in as planned, but i got to meet his sister danya, and jon says that dada drumming will release the great tyrant's full length lp there is a man in the house early next year, with a couple hundred digipack cd's as well. then the tyrant will go out for a couple of weeks to support it. sounds good to me.

john and karrizza's wedding afforded us an oppo to see lotsa folks that we hadn't seen in months since we've become such homebodies. it was a kick for me to see cats i've known through playing music for a dozen years or more like ron geida, jason thompson, and geoff west, and think about the convoluted paths we've all taken. the longhorn saloon is really coming along, and lee allen, fluff, and brendan put out a great spread. (i told my sweetie on the way there, "those guys can do anything," and they really can.)

goodwin played a great, emotion-packed set with one new number (out of the handful they've been working on), including damien and matt taking a pablo break in the middle of "weight." dapper blues papa james hinkle, looking on, was muy impressed.

the me-thinks gave my sweetie (who was shooting reception pics for karrizza) one song without the smoke machine so she could get some clear shots of them. surprisingly, ray hadn't shredded his vocal cords the night before, and the boys from haltom city sounded as mighty as always. it being a school night, we unassed early and were home in bed before midnight.

today i'll get a run in before my eye doctor appointment, then cook dinner for my sweetie. HIO drinkie-talkie has been postponed till tom'w night, but i've got the john fahey rekkid that terry had been snoozing on. will have to hit doc's later in the week to try and sell some stuff the guy couldn't buy on sat'day because jenkins was in austin at a record convention. be interested to see what he brings back, too.

ADDENDUM: wound up being a lazy ass and lying around all day since i've been feeling a li'l under the weather. after my eye doctor appointment, came home and made my sweetie 'n' myself big half-pound burgers with lightly sauteed shallots, grated cheddar and tomato slices.

other high point of the wedding reception was seeing how well some of the old wreck room crew are doing -- carl, tina, and stormy pack; graham and robin richardson, etc. sometimes good things _do_ happen to good ppl.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Sounds like an action-packed-with-peanut-butter weekend.

8:14 AM  
Blogger Krakhaus said...

Thanks for a great time, Ken! (Everybody sounded great and you guys were AMAZING!)

-Scott BPE

9:17 AM  
Blogger john said...

cheers Ken. You're a diamond.

9:50 PM  
Blogger Hank said...

A little late, but same here. We had a blast and you guys were excellent!

6:00 PM  

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