Thursday, October 15, 2009

stoogeshow post mortem

we played the caves lounge in arlington last night and got off. it's a comfy spot, dimly lit a la the wreck room (r.i.p.), with a tv set playing a vid of a burning log in the fireplace. hembree said, "i wouldn't feel bad if i spilled beer here," but it doesn't feel as lived-in as the wreck or the old black dog did. functional a.c. and smoke-eaters (altho not enough to prevent me from feeling like i'd blazed two packs when i woke up this a.m.), and a good-sounding room to boot. one fingered fist used our backline and sounded like a hundred times better than they did at the moon on sat'day. i told josh that the secret to richard's boss tone is in the mids. (i also noticed that josh sings like a beastie boy.)

teague was all on about them crooked vultures, the josh homme-john paul jones-dave grohl supergroup, and a youtube channel he's been checking out that's all documentaries about colonialism. at his request, we shortened the set list, altho in the event, he wound up calling more songs than were originally planned. lesson: give the drummer more time between songs. ray shredded his voice and hurt his wrist falling off the (tiny) stage. prolly my bad for cranking the new amp up too loud.

had a better crowd than we'd have drawn anywhere in fort worth on a weekend. (it kinda reminded me of the whitewater tavern in little rock when i played there with nathan brown on a tuesday night to more ppl than would have been at el wreck on a sat'day. i mentioned this fact to the bartender, who replied, "yeah, and we're not even busy." perspective is all.) not sure how much of that was house crowd and how much was folks that actually wanted to see us, but we got a good response and the management wants us back. hoping we can book something the first two weeks of december, before matt heads to tennessee for the holidays. meanwhile, i've got a new fave place to play.

elle hurley told me the folks that run the sunshine bar next door also wanna book the stoogeband, but that'll require more time to put together, since they don't have a p.a. however, i might see if my fall-breaking sweetie wants to go see the tyrant when they play there next monday, just to check it out.

ADDENDUM: ...then the grocery clerk, the computer programmer, the graphic designer, the bookseller, and the trophy maker went home.


Blogger Grubbermeister said...

Overall sounded like you guys had a good night. A possible home base for Stoogeaphilia?

10:22 AM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

arlington! who knew?!?!?

10:31 AM  

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