Wednesday, October 07, 2009

pssst...wanna hear the mott the hoople reunion?

a pal sent me this. files will be online until 10.11.2009. i was surprised how affected i was to hear it. this was the band my no-'count high school posse usedta play air gtr to even after a couple of us had actually started to play in bands. brain capers remains my fave side of theirs (most of all: "the journey"), but the songs from all the young dudes, mott (especially the slowuns like "hymn for the dudes," "i wish i was your mother," and "the ballad of mott the hoople"), and even the less-snazz the hoople sound great. ian hunter (who's 70 now, for chrissakes) hasn't lost a step since i saw 'em in '74, and it hardly matters that mick ralphs (always a mess due to sheer ineptitude vice drugs, he kinda inadvertently paved the way for johnny thunders) and overend watts can't really hit too many of the notes on their vocal features, altho it tugged on my heartstrings to read that martin chambers from the pretenders had to sub for dale griffin because of buffin's alzheimer's. as great of a '70s band as the faces, yo.


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