Monday, October 26, 2009


came home from work tonight to find a stack of review cd's that arrived in today's mail, along with copies of hickey's mix of the 10.17.2009 HIO recording sesh for myself, terry, and hembree. in the fullness of time, they will doubtless appear online _somewhere_; we've also discussed making some cd-r's to sell at shows.

coincidentally, this very night, hembree uploaded his recording of the very last PFFFFT! set (fairmount, 12.21.2008). actually, that night we were PF(F)FFF(F)T!, since hickey and marcus brunt were also on board. kinda bittersweet, as we (matt and i) feel as though we got better at playing together as our audience dwindled, but everything for a reason, i suppose. now we get to decide what tracks to submit to indian casino records for inclusion in their the return of helldamncrap comp, to be released in january 2010.


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