Thursday, October 08, 2009

the flaming lips' "embryonic"

listening to this now. as much as we love the soft bulletin and yoshimi, it seemed like they were getting stuck in a rut for awhile there. wayne probably needed the time he spent finishing his sci-fi movie to recharge his batteries. this is weirder in a krautrock sorta way -- more like, say, in a priest driven ambulance, but better executed. lotsa spacey psych jams and blasts of noise, apparently recorded during live jams at stephen drozd's house and later fleshed out. nice that a band as popular as the lips can still do something this surprising.


Blogger a. said...

i need to get back into these guys. i must've played "the soft bulletin" a thousand times the year it came out (and through most of my college days) and everything they've come up with after i've regrettably ignored.

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