Sunday, October 25, 2009

a couple of weddings

the son of the man that brought me here married his sweetie (they've been together eight yrs and lived together for four, altho he's 24 and she's 22) got hitched in the sculpture garden of artspace 111, amid the sounds of helicopters, air traffic, and a passing freight train. on the way there, we passed the former shakespeare in the park location and i remembered watching ry and his sister sliding down he hill with my kids on sheets of corrugated cardboard. got to see some old good friends that we don't get to see nearly often enough. the kids are honeymooning in noo yawk city.

big marcus, bass trombonist with HIO, and his sweetie (whom he met at tcu in 1995 and proposed to atop the eiffel tower) were married (by the same officiant as ry and natalie, coincidentally) in front of a dc-3 at the american airlines aviation museum (her late pop was a pilot). she walked down the aisle to joe morello's drum solo from dave brubeck's "take 5," which i found marvelously appropriate. marcus had to go back to work in nyc today, but charlsye's joining him wednesday to fly to rome for their honeymoon.

safe travels and many happy years to some sweet kids.


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