Tuesday, October 20, 2009

9.19.2009 ftw

we went to see the great tyrant at the sunshine bar at 902 w. division in arlington (next door to caves lounge, my new favorite place to play). like caves, the sunshine kinda had a vibe that put me in mind of the late, lamented wreck room, and it was good to see former wreck barback matt day tending bar there, which he's been for the past couple of years. while i don't feel as connected to either arlington room as i did to the wreck (altho if i lived closer i'd prolly become a reg'lar), they both feel familiar in a good way.

the tyrant played a set that was all new to me, which is prolly indicative of how long it's been since i last saw 'em (maybe six months?) -- this was the material that they just recorded, as opposed to the material i remember that's _finally_ going to be released on dada drumming as soon as david d'andrea delivers the artwork. my sweetie posted some pics on her photo blog (click on 'em to make 'em big). unfortunately, since i had to open in the morning, we didn't have enough steam to go the distance, so i'll have to wait till another time to hear tolar, whom jon teague assures me are even more incredible than their alter ego band, unit 21, who impressed me at rubber gloves back during the summer.

ben schultz from caddis gave me a copy of their new cd, which in the fullness of time i'll review either here or in one of the usual places. ben's also in magnus; just what is it with local metallistas having multiple/overlapping identities?


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