Saturday, September 05, 2009


waiting for terry to get here so we can go run. then wanna take some stuff to sell at doc's and see if they still have the copies of metallic k.o. and bola sete's ocean i snoozed on last time.

this arvo, will prac a li'l bit for the gig tonight, for which PF(F)(F)T! will be matt hickey on bass/synth/gopi, marcus brunt on 'bone, and me on gtr(s), while hentai improvising orchestra will comprise all of the above plus terry horn, mark cook, bob fisher, jason spradlin, sarah alexander and michael briggs on voxxx, and hopefully billy wilson on theremin. first band starts at 9pm at station 20 (formerly the firehouse gallery), oakland and meadowbrook. y'all come.

n.p.: les rallizes denudes' blind baby has its mother's eyes. sometimes droning monotony can be cathartic.


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