Sunday, September 13, 2009

rekkid geek's revenge


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pretty good stuff. Happens with the small music shops a lot also but part of the real unfortunate cost there is that it comes with the fact that some of the manufacturers quality goes down. Damn shame that companies who refuse to comprimise quality like Rickenbacker (who ended their relationship with guitar center) are on the verge of extention. Lack of integrity sucks both with the behemoths and the small shops. The best of both worlds comes when you have small shops with owners who have integrity and you support them. The guy I bought my Ric from gave me a great price, below what I could buy at anywhere online and asked me if I was a Beatles fan and said he had a bunch of "Beatles Cards". Not sure what the hell that even is but said if I was ever back in Portland to call him and I could have some. He even gave me his home phone number. That's worthy of some respect.


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