Friday, September 11, 2009

"mood music for mating"

hahaha. that's howard mandel writing in miles, ornette, cecil: jazz beyond jazz about one of my favorite records of all eternity, miles davis' 1969 classic in a silent way. i usedta think the same thing back in the '80s, only using different words.

after doing my annual duty for the arlington heights neighborhood association, i walked over to doc's to snag a vinyl copy of silent way i'd seen there last week and wound up additionally copping an "as is"-but-perfectly-playable copy of captain beefheart's strictly personal and two ronald shannon jackson albs that were inexplicably filed under "reggae." also got to see sir steffin ratliff, which is always a pleasure.

now boiling water to dump down the bathroom sink and tub drains and waiting for my sweetie to return home so i can cook her steak 'n' eggs and we can head on out to the jazzfest.

ADDENDUM: so it looks like george got rained out (altho we fantasize an extemporaneous g.c. performance at buttons), but we stopped for drinks at the bull & bush (funny how montgomery street has become the focal point of my life, between the b&b, doc's, and the montgomery street cafe) and got to hang out with sir steffin and lady cammilla, two of our very favorite ppl on earth. then walked home in the piss-pouring rain to spend the rest of the night listening to shannon, ornette, and miles. realizing how small my musical world really is, but tonight cammi gave me my next big task: writing a book about my dad (or my family), if only for me 'n' my sis and the next generation. which is part of the reason why i'm procrastinating about writing the restaurant review i owe the italian kid.


Anonymous shipman said...

I'd like to hear more regarding your previous comment about Station 20/Firehouse Gallery no longer having shows...

I checked the Metrognome Collective's website and saw no mention of it...

2:57 PM  
Blogger The Stash Dauber said...

i'm not sure how often metrognome updates their site, but my sweetie told me ben rogers told her so that night, and terry horn told me that mark cook reported the same thing to him. i think the overhead was just prohibitive for what the metrognome was taking in for their shows. i believe they'll continue presenting art and music in other venues.

3:29 PM  

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