Thursday, September 17, 2009


this is my all time favorite beefheart boot, and believe me, i've heard dozens. recorded in liverpool, 1980, by the doc at the radar station band -- who, at that point, had been playing don's music for about four years and were probably his best-ever live unit (see this guy's youtube vids for proof), it includes songs from safe as milk, strictly personal, trout mask, and decals as well as the alb they were nominally promoting. it even kicks ass on the better recorded live wlir broadcast from my father's place that rhino released around the same time this came out in y2k. in my dotage, i plan to do nothing but sit around learning beefheart toons (and digging in my sweetie's garden) to finish the job bruce wade started in '74. in the meantime, here are some snotnoses playing "hot head" at their high school talent show.


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