Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9.16.2009 ftw

today is matturday. happy berfday (and many more) to my dear friend and fave bassplayer on earth.

just finished penning a review of the new pere ubu alb, which in the fullness of time shall run on the i-94 bar. (think it's funny that alfred jarry's text contained references to "the shtttrr hook," which is what my sweetie calls auggie when he knocks over cups of water an' like that.) listening now to new discage from the ever-prolific dennis gonzalez, which in the fullness of time i shall review here. and the barman sent me the new intercontinental playboys disc, which i shall also audition directly.

right now, however, i'm getting ready to go push potions 'n' lotions for the man. and looking fwd to pork chops and red cabbage for din-din tonight.


Anonymous katboy said...

The Mars Volta at the Palladium was greatness. Except that the sound was peaky in the upper-mids, and the body of the bass was kind of absent. And they only played about 80 minutes. Whatever happened to musicians who have that burning desire to play until they hurt, until they cry, until they bleed, until they find redemption?

Still, in my top 20 shows of all time. Matturday was a success.

10:52 PM  

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