Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9.15.2009 ftw ADDENDUM

just back from running. missed the rain from yesterday but still felt great. missed my dtr again at starbucks. might have to call to tell her to come get her car registration.

n.p.: miles' "he loved him madly" for my pop (thanks dennis). pere ubu's gonna have to wait a bit.

ADDENDUM TO ADDENDUM: not only is jenkins boyd, the cat that runs doc's, a hella nice guy who runs a cool shop (where i just scored vinyl copies of phil manzanera's 801 live -- prolly my all-time fave roxy music/eno artyfact -- and, wouldn't ya know, miles' get up with it including the aforementioned "he loved him madly"), you just know he really loves his music too. as i was paying out, he asked how long my sweetie 'n' i stayed at the jazzfest the other night and allowed that he'd spent an hour and a half under a tree in the piss-pouring rain hoping to hear george clinton. my kinda fan, for sure.


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