Monday, August 17, 2009


inventory is tomorrow, so i'm working noon till 10:30p today, 4:30a till 1p tom'w. my sweetie has in-service this week and the kids come back next week. got up with her and had a bowl of cheerios, then instead of sitting on my ass in front of this box, i decided to go try out my new running shoes.

my wind is pathetic; i can barely jog a block, then i walk until i catch my breath, the way i did after i had pneumonia back in '85. i usedta be into this shit. back when i was an instructor, i usedta run twice a day sometimes. that was when i had a schedule that allowed for that, altho not much else. i'd do all my thinking on the road. maybe that's why i don't think so much now. doing better than thinking. my sweetie says that being in the service saved my life, which might be true, since it caused me to quit smoking from '82 until '99 (with the exception of an interval when i smoked cigars, '84-'85).

thinking about the neighborhood association meeting tonight, which i'll miss but my sweetie said she's going to attend. they're going to be talking about changing the zoning of some blocks to single family residential. cat i ran into at the market last night said it's to keep out the mcmansions, but aren't those single family? as long as it doesn't spell the end for the classic texas garage apartments that give our 'hood some of its character, i'm okay with it.

just went out about a mile, east on pershing to montgomery, turning around at the jazz cafe. when i got done i felt great. the endorphin high from running really is better than any drug i ever did.

drinking some water now in preparation for doing the trash/catbox/cans. then i'll hit the shower. could get back in the habit of doing this.


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Keep it up. You can do it!

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